4 reasons why housecleaning should be left to the pros

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4 reasons why housecleaning should be left to the pros

Is professional house cleaning a nice-to-have? Is it a must-have? It seems our customers are split on the issue. Some claim it is a critical part of their lifestyle: parents both work, kids have playdates at home, weekends are spent outdoors, and ultimately there just isn’t enough time in the day, week, or month to clean home sweet home.

Others argue that one shouldn’t have to pay for something your parents should have taught you to do at a very early age. Yes, in a perfect world, one should clean up after oneself but the reality is that life catches up with you and it’s very difficult to balance work and family when there are “recurring tasks” lingering overhead.

After having serviced thousands upon thousands of customers over the 2+ decades of our operation, we can state some things with certainty:

  1. House cleaning/maid service, whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it, isn’t easy. It requires know-how, experience, strength, and a commitment to cleanliness. Sure, we all aspire for such things – but we have seen time and again that these characteristics don’t always align with consistency. Candidly, even our “clean freak” customers, as particular as they are, rely on professional maid services to maintain their homes to a certain standard. At the end of the day, it’s almost impossible to stay consistent with cleaning your own home.
  2. The house gets dirty no matter how clean you are. We can certainly obsess over fingerprints on our furniture and dirty marks on the floor on a rainy day. If I had to stop and focus on every recent blemish on my way from the bedroom to the garage I would go crazy. The truth is the house gets dirty and it gets dirty in a way that is just part of parcel of being human. Dust settles on window sills, fingerprints get on furniture, hair and grime collect in the bathrooms, dust bunnies gather to play in the edges and corners of your home, sinks acquire a healthy collection of toothpaste residue, hair, make-up, and well, you get the picture.
  3. Organizing is not cleaning. Tidying up your home office, organizing your personal effects on the bathroom countertop, reorganizing all the random things on your dresser – this isn’t cleaning!
  4. A professional cleaning, with very few exceptions, is just plain different from a do-it-yourself house cleaning. Professional house cleaners make a living by cleaning other peoples’ homes. They bring to the table experience, efficiency, and a commitment to customer service. Ask anyone who has had their home professionally cleaned – the result is a cut above what you or I could do on our own.

With the benefits afforded to me by a cleaning agency, I can focus on keeping my home clean as opposed to cleaning it myself. There is nothing quite like coming home to a clean house. For a bit of laughter (and a strong forewarning of questionable language in the posts), I wanted to pass along some entertaining tweets from people who get their homes cleaned professionally. Click here to read them. Fortunately, most of our clientele don’t have such sentiments!

Until next time, I say to you “A clean home is a happy home!”.

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