4 Lifesaving Tips For An After-Party Clean-up

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4 Lifesaving Tips For An After-Party Clean-up

Hosting a party is always fun and exciting, however, the not-so-fun part comes right after the food and drinks are over and the guests have left.

To give you a little help we’ve come up with these useful (and lifesaving) tips for an after-party clean-up:

Broken glass

For some, a party without broken glass cannot be considered a party, so if you had an incredible night with broken glass included, make sure to wear rubber gloves to pick up the broken pieces to avoid getting cut. Then use the broom to remove the medium size pieces. And for the tiny pieces you can barely see, press a slice of bread against the surface to pick up the smaller shards. It may sound weird but trust us, it works.

Pour water over used utensils

One great thing about parties is the good food, but one of the worst things about after-party cleanups is having to wash the pile of dishes used by your guests.

To make things easier you can put dishes in the sink and pour water over them when they’re done using them. You don’t have to wash them right away, but rinsing them will soften leftover food, making it easier to clean afterwards.

Removing gum from furniture

If any of your guests happened to leave you a gummy gift on your furniture, don’t freak out and try to remove it right away. Apply ice over it until it freezes instead and you’ll see magic happen as it comes off in one piece. If it doesn’t come off apply more ice until it does.

Use table cloths

We know tablecloths don’t look fancy but sometimes, depending on the occasion, it’s better to use them instead of damaging your table’s surface with stains of food and drinks. Plus it’s easier to just put the cloth in the washing machine rather than wiping the table.
We hope you find these tips useful. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need to hire house cleaning services. Whether you need an after party clean-up or just a periodical cleaning, we can set you up with the right maids to cover your house cleaning needs.

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