4 Incredible Tips to Keep Your House Smelling Amazing

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4 Incredible Tips to Keep Your House Smelling Amazing

Keeping your house clean is not easy, but keeping it clean and smelling nice is even harder. We all love walking into a house that smells nice, but not many of us can achieve this successfully because although there are many scents in the market to choose from, the scents are usually very strong and artificial to keep in your house for a long time.

At Weekend Maids we care about your home and want to help you keep it as clean, welcoming, and comfortable as possible. Here are four tips you can use to keep your house smelling fresh.

1. Essential oils and light bulbs
A very easy -and cheap- way to make your house smell great is by putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your light bulbs, once you turn your lights on and the light bulbs start warming up, the heat will spread the scent throughout the room.

2. Deodorize your garbage disposals
If your garbage disposal is releasing foul smells there is a very easy way to make them smell fresh again. All you need is some orange and lime or lemon peels. You only have to toss the peels down the drain and run it so it releases the oils.

3. Deodorizing your bathroom
Bathrooms are one of the easiest areas in the house to gather bad smells, luckily, there is a way to cover these smells until your house gets its next deep cleaning. All you have to do is slice a couple of lemons and place them cut-side up in a bowl. You will notice the difference immediately.

4. Bake an apple pie
If you want your house to smell good and bring back some good memories this one is for you. Bake an apple pie or any other dessert that includes spices such as cinnamon, anise, or lavender. This will make your home smell super nice, you will have a dessert to offer to anyone who stops by for a visit and it will bring back good family memories or create new ones.

We hope you enjoyed these easy hacks to make your house smell fresh but keep in mind that there is nothing that will make your house smell nicer than regular house cleaning, so if you want your house to feel incredible give us a call to book your next San Diego house cleaning service.

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