4 Great Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season

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4 Great Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season

One of the hardest things to do during the holiday season -besides keeping the house clean- is to restrain ourselves from eating all the good food that comes with it.

This is a challenging time in which most of us practice superhuman mind control to avoid gaining some extra pounds. However, it is possible to enjoy the season without gaining those extra pounds with these 4 simple tips:

1. Start your day with exercise

Exercising in the morning will help you keep your digestive system active. You will burn more calories throughout the day and also it will help your brain keep your brain in a healthy mode keeping you away from cravings for sweet and high-fat dishes.

2. Don’t cut back on calories

Cutting back on calories for the whole day or week just so you can eat all you want in one single night is not a good idea. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function and even sugars and fats are important in your daily intake.

If you cut back on calories you will starve your body from nutrients and your body will go into hibernation mode. It will understand that it needs to make good use of the low-energy resources making you feel lethargic for most of the day and the worst part is that when you decide to eat everything in the feast, your body will metabolize that food into sugars, and fats because it is starving for energy to continue functioning.

3. Chew slowly

Although you might feel the urge to eat everything all at once, relax and chew your food slowly, this way, you will avoid swallowing air and feeling bloated.

4. Watch your weight

Weigh yourself twice a week to make sure your weight is stable through the holidays. Keeping track of your weight will give you an idea of how much weight are you gaining and when you need to restrain yourself to stay on track.

We hope these easy-to-follow tips are of use during this holiday season, and don’t forget to give us a call if you need before or after-party housecleaning.

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