4 Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your House for Fall

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4 Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your House for Fall

There is a certain something in the weather that tells us that although it’s officially summer, fall is on its way. The change of light intensity and color, a gentle drop in temperature, the days getting shorter and even your choice of clothes are all indicators that a new season is about to start and that it’s time to invest some time in fall cleaning.

Fall is a great season to clean and organize everything in your house, as also during the summer we tend to accumulate things. Fall is also a great season to de-clutter or store all the summer sports gear and toys you had lying around in the house and get your house ready to enjoy all the good things that autumn brings.

Here are 4 great cleaning tips that will help you prepare your house for autumn:

1. Clean your carpets

Carpets get dirty all year round, however, during summer, your carpet is more prone to spills, dirt, and accidents because there is more traffic around the house and everyone is more active during warmer days. This is one of the main reasons why cleaning your carpets at the end of summer is a good idea.

Carpet cleaning should be done by professionals to ensure the problem areas of your carpet are handled with care. Hire professional carpet cleaning services instead of trying to clean it yourself as it will keep your carpets clean for longer and extend their lifespan.

2. Inspect your kitchen cabinets

Each season we stock up the kitchen with different types of food that we don’t normally consume before the expiration date, so to prepare your kitchen for autumn, inspect the cabinets and toss anything that is expired. This will give you more space to store good food and will also facilitate your general house cleaning.

3. Clean all bedding

Wash, vacuum, and clean all bedding including mattresses, mattress pads, blankets, pillows, and throws. This will guarantee that your beds are clean and free of dust for the season. Keep in mind that cleaning your bed covers at least once a week is the best you can do to alleviate or prevent seasonal allergies.

4. Clean from top to bottom

Hire professional maids to perform top-to-bottom detailed housecleaning – this will minimize dirt and dust even from the most inaccessible corners of your home and will also keep it clean for longer. If you carry out a deep cleaning at the beginning of each season it will be easier to clean throughout the season.

We hope you like these tips and that you find them helpful. Remember that if you need professional maids, at Weekend Maids, we can set you up with the right house cleaners according to your needs.

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