4 Cleaning Rules to Keep Your House Clean All Throughout the Year

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4 Cleaning Rules to Keep Your House Clean All Throughout the Year

When it comes to cleaning, everyone follows their house cleaning schedule as well as having particular cleaning habits and their own choice of cleaning products. As diverse as our cleaning preferences may be, there are certain general rules that we should all follow to keep our houses clean and organized most of the time.

Here are 4 cleaning rules that will help you keep your house clean for longer:

1. General Housecleaning Once a Week

Carrying out a general housecleaning once a week is essential to keep your house clean and organized all through the year. Create a weekly schedule with all the basic tasks such as doing laundry, vacuuming, or organizing all rooms, and delegate the tasks to each member of the family to finish faster and have more time to have fun.

2. Clean the refrigerator once a month

Depending on the amount of groceries you buy each week and how often you cook, you will have to clean the refrigerator more often or not. In general, it’s a good habit to clean it at least once a month to ensure everything is clean and disinfected, as some vegetables can grow fungus and infect the rest if your refrigerator is not properly cleaned.

3. Deep-clean each change of season

Every change of season has its cleaning requirements, and even if you’ve been following the previous rules of cleaning to the letter, it is recommended that all houses carry out a deep cleaning at least three times a month to address all the areas that are oftentimes out of reach in general cleaning.

It is also recommended that you hire professional house cleaning services for this task. Professional cleaners have more knowledge about the common areas in which dirt and dust accumulate throughout each season and have better cleaning equipment, products, and techniques to do it.

4. Prepare your home for the next season

Each new season brings new bliss to our lives, when the weather turns cooler we enjoy warm drinks and the warmth of a fireplace, when it starts to heat up again, we enjoy cool fruits and outdoor activities.

To be able to enjoy all of these activities, it’s best to prepare our homes for the upcoming season, whether it’s cleaning dry leaves from the patio or deep cleaning the kitchen, to setting up the perfect environment in your home to receive the season, they all contribute to improve your home and make it better to continue enjoying the time you spent in it.

Remember that if you’re looking for professional cleaners, at Weekend Maids, we can find the right cleaners for your specific cleaning needs.

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