4 Amazingly Simple Tips For A Pain-Free Holiday Housecleaning

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4 Amazingly Simple Tips For A Pain-Free Holiday Housecleaning

Getting your house ready for the holiday reunions can be hectic and stressful, but it can be manageable if you divide the housecleaning tasks and follow a simple schedule throughout the week and by the end of the week you will be able to sit, relax, and enjoy because that’s what holidays are all about.

Here are four amazing tips for holiday housecleaning. We hope you find them useful!

1. Start one week before the gathering

If you’re short on time to clean, a 7-day cleaning schedule will work very well for the occasion. Be careful with procrastinating, because a couple of tasks left for “later in the week” can turn your holiday cleaning into a mess.

2. Begin with a scan

Instead of thinking you have to do a deep housecleaning every time you have guests over, perform a scan of your house with a visitor’s eye and take note of what needs to be cleaned, organized, or fixed, this will give you a targeted to-do list that you can use to assign chores to each family member.

3. Assign chores to the family

When it comes to assigning chores to the family members it’s important to keep in mind that the chores should reflect each member’s capability. For example, adults and older children should have more tasks assigned than smaller children, but everyone should help.

Get a board and place it near the kitchen, divide the board into columns and assign one to each member, write down the chores in sticky notes and stick them in the corresponding column, that way everyone can remove each sticky note after finishing the task and everything can be done faster.

4. Hire custom house cleaning services

Deep cleaning your bathrooms, kitchen, and living room is crucial when you have guests coming over, they should be clean, smell great, and have enough supply of soap, toilet paper, and clean hand towels. Depending on the state of these areas in your home you can either do a quick cleanup yourself or choose to hire custom house cleaning services to clean specific areas of your home.

Apply these simple tips and everyone will enjoy the sweet reward of a clean and organized house. However, if you feel the cleaning was not enough, you can always count on us to send you to the best maids in your area, so don’t hesitate and call us if you need some extra help.

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