3 Useful Tips to Dust Your Home Effortlessly

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3 Useful Tips to Dust Your Home Effortlessly

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Dusting is one of the most unpopular chores and when it comes to cleaning your home, there is very little you can do to escape from it. However, when that time comes it’s better to be prepared with useful tips to make dusting time a little smoother.

Here are a couple of tips you can use to dust your home effortlessly.

1. Q-Tips to the rescue

When it comes to dusting, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Regular dusters are helpful only to dust off bigger and very visible areas around the house. But if you look closer there are areas that these dusters cannot reach and this is where q-tips come in handy. Use Q-Tips to wipe hard to clean surfaces such as tight corners or areas that are somewhat hard to reach. They are incredibly useful and also disposable which means you won’t have to put an extra load of laundry to wash them.

2. Ditch the wood polisher

Wood polishers might be helpful in giving a nice shine to your furniture, but they will always leave a sticky buildup, which can eventually attract more dust particles instead of repelling them. This will make your surfaces more difficult to clean the next time.

Instead of using any type of polisher, use a simple damp cloth to remove dust and dry out the surface with a microfiber cloth.

3. Use the vacuum

Using the vacuum to dust your furniture is not lazy, it’s smart. If you have dust build-up inside cabinets or on tables, your vacuum can actually be of a lot of help, especially if you have already cleaned your home. Vacuuming your furniture will help you get rid of the biggest dust particles and prevent it from flying into the air and settling somewhere else in the house. Dust particles are a catalyst for dust mites as well as some kinds of mold.

We hope you liked these useful house cleaning tips. However, if your house requires more than just dusting it may be time to hire professional house cleaning services. After all, professional maids are the only ones who can eliminate all dust and dirt from your house in an efficient way without you having to lift a finger. So give us a call and schedule your next house cleaning service with Weekend Maids today!

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