3 Tips To Speed Clean For The Holidays

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3 Tips To Speed Clean For The Holidays

There is no busier time of year than the winter holiday season. Starting from Thanksgiving, the days are filled with food, decorations, visits from friends and family, joy, laughter, and for many, lots of stress.

It’s precisely these days when you could use a little help around the house and hire professional house cleaning services to take care of the things you just don’t have time to handle. However, if you already had your general periodic cleaning done and only need to put an order in some areas of your house, these speed cleaning tips will help you get your house sparkling clean again.

Tip #1 – Hide the clutter

Yes, it is not the ideal solution, but if you have no time to declutter your house at the moment this will work just fine. Get a basket and fill it with all the random objects that are lying on the floor or sofas and store the basket in a place inside your closet. This will keep the clutter out of the way and no one will notice it was lying around.

Tip #2 – Clean the shower while you take a shower

Keeping a shower cleaner and scrub in the shower will make cleaning the shower/tub much easier and faster. Spray the cleaner all over the shower and scrub the walls before you shampoo, let the solution act and when you’re done showering just rinse down any remaining of the cleaner. Just be careful to choose products that are not too strong or concentrated because they can irritate or dry out your skin, airway, and eyes.

Tip #3 – Use disinfectant wipes

Use disinfectant wipes to wipe everything else in the house, from toilet seats to tables, shelves kitchen, and even floors! It’s a fast and easy way to disinfect everything around and get rid of dust or any other dirt spots.

Tip # 4 – Turn the lights down

Instead of having all the lights on around the house, turn the lights down or use scented candles when your guests arrive. This will hide things you don’t want them to see and create a warm atmosphere.

These are only some of the many cleaning tips you can use for this holiday season if you don’t require a top-to-bottom house cleaning. But if you do, just give us a call and we’ll set you up with professional house cleaners to take care of everything.

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