3 Tips to Clean Your House After Halloween

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3 Tips to Clean Your House After Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that many of us enjoy, regardless of our age. The fun of choosing a spooky custom, eating candy, and decorating your house to receive tick or-treaters is something that very few want to miss. However, for many of us, Halloween can turn into a real nightmare because after the fun…comes the cleaning.

Over several years in housecleaning, we have come to learn that the professional cleaners we work with have special methods to clean for each holiday, and today, we want to share a couple of their secrets of Halloween cleaning. We hope you like them.

Tip #1: Use the right cleaning materials

During this holiday, three things are the hardest to clean and the most common: eggs, smashed candy, and makeup, fortunately, all of these can be removed with the right cleaning products and the right techniques.

For eggs, use warm water, dish soap, a brush, and a garden hose with good water pressure. Just apply soap and water in the place where you find the eggs, scrub a little with the brush, and then pressure wash with the hose. If you notice that there is still some egg smell in the area, you can repeat the procedure or use some floor cleaning solution or chlorine.

For smashed candy use a broom, vinegar, and warm water. Depending on where it is, you will need to change the cleaning solution, you can use vinegar if the candy is inside your home, if it’s on your patio, you can use something more abrasive such as chlorine.

If it’s Halloween makeup or fake blood, check the package and read the ingredients it contains, depending on those you will have to use oil solvent cleaning products or just regular soap. If it’s oil-based makeup, rub alcohol directly onto the stain, and after that finish cleaning with water and dishwashing soap.

Tip #2: A lint roller for glitter

Glitter comes with almost all types of Halloween makeup and costumes and of course, it gets scattered all around the house and it’s very difficult to clean even after vacuuming several times, so something that will come in handy in these situations is a lint roller. After vacuuming, pass a lint roller where you see remains of glitter, this will help pick up the extra glitter that remains in the area.

Tip #3: Cover tables with paper or tablecloth

This one is more of a preventative measure that will help you speed up the cleaning process the next day. Cover all surfaces of your living room or the areas where your hosts will be staying with decorative paper or decorative tablecloths to prevent any type of stain or spill over your furniture. After the party is over, just pick up the tablecloth and put it into the washer or toss the paper into the trash.

We hope you enjoyed these Halloween cleaning tips, however, there is only one-way house cleaning won’t be a nightmare after this holiday and that is to hire professional after-party housecleaning services. So whether you want to host a Halloween party or you want an after-party clean-up, a professional service will give you relief. Give us a call to set you up with professional maids. At Weekend Maids, we are available 7 days a week for your convenience!

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