Kim P.


Yesterday I called Weekend Maids to clean one of my vacation rentals. It was an emergency request, a mid-holiday crunch time cleaning with one day’s notice. Mom and Pop type services cannot pull something like this off, heck they can’t even pick up the phone because they’re too busy cleaning!  Add to that I was calling from Mammoth where we are currently vacationing. The phone reception is spotty and there is precisely two places you must stand to get reception and I had claimed one of them to locate a cleaner.  At that same time my BFF (our two families vacation together) was standing in the other spot, on her phone frantically trying to get someone to go to her house to get her dog’s head unstuck from her gate… so as you can imagine, there was a lot of commotion in the background.  It was one of those “No, you really cannot make this stuff up” evenings.  Anyhow Memphis has a very chill personality and made me feel like he had it all handled even though I knew I had a difficult request and that he was going to have to scramble to get it done. I really appreciated his confidence and it all worked out. I am still in Mammoth so I have not personally seen the result from today’s cleaning but I have been told the cleaners were personable and did a professional job. Thanks very much for helping me solve my problem and get back to my vacation!