How to Clean Your Closets

Clean Closet

Closet can get cluttered fast. We store things in them that we will “use at a later time.” We have clothes that we will “wear again, one day.” And sometimes we find stuff that we forgot that we stored. How can we keep our closets clutter free? Here are three tips to help you start …

Natural Air Fresheners

Artificial air fresheners contain toxins and are not a viable and safe solution to keeping the air in the home ‘clean’. You can find chemicals and toxins in many everyday things, such as pots, pans, and mattresses. Over time, these release into the air and pollute the indoor environment. While it may not be possible …

Why use a referral agency for housecleaning?

Today you have a lot of choices for cleaning your home – beyond the obvious option to clean the home yourself, there are a variety of professional service providers in the marketplace providing cleaning services.