Sylvia C.

I scheduled on Monday for service on Wednesday with Johnathan. I was to have maid service and carpet cleaned. Service was set forn8am with a one hour window. After an hour and a half no one showed. When I called Jonathan I was disappointed because they may have needed to reschedule, but when I informed him of arrangements I made for furniture he made sure he could complete my service. Carpet cleaner came at 12 washed and sanitized my carpet. The carpet looked like new. It wasn’t an easy job. The room belongs to my brother who has a mental disorder and trashed the room and carpet. The cleaning people came and managed to clean off all of the food smudged on the walls. They even sanitized them. The maids were very pleasant, very quick, yet effective. I appreciated their hard work as they left the room as if my brother was never there. I will be using Weekend Maids service again. I’m very pleased with the service I received from everyone and the price was affordable.