Carmina C.

We use Weekend Maids for our Airbnb property. They always answer the phone and they are very accommodating for days and times. We have needed their services on Sundays and also for very specific short windows of time. They always find a team that can come when we need them. They always respond to text messages promptly. It’s really helpful for us that Weekend Maids sends two people and they usually finish in 2.5 hours (2/2 1500 sf house). They do an excellent job with dusting and sweeping. We have a special request for our hardwood floors and they always listen. Weekend Maids tries to schedule our favorite cleaners whenever possible and it’s noted in their system so I don’t have to ask every time. For our Airbnb, we love that Weekend Maids does such a great job making the beds look crisp and clean like a hotel. They also make the towels look fresh and fluffy.