Anna B.

I hope this is the review that encompasses the kind of service you are looking for in home cleaning services. As a new mom it has been so difficult finding the time to clean and detail everything as I normally would do. I needed extra help after coming home from a vacation that we never unpacked from, our home was a mess. I finally looked around for a service that was reasonable in price and just hoped that the service would be well worth it. I made an appointment for 2 cleaning technicians to come detail clean my home for two hours. Yanet greeted me at my door and asked me what I would like for her to take care of. I carried on with what I normally did during the day so I never stopped to see the work that the technicians did until well after they left. To my surprise my bathrooms were spotless and my kitchen was immaculate. I have had other cleaning services come and clean the very minimal. Often they just wipe things down and organize lightly, this leaves me disappointed. I was concerned I would be left with the same issues but this exceeded my expectations. I can tell that Yanet is very particular with the way she deep cleans and she left me very impressed. I looked at every corner in my kitchen and bathrooms, and I am so happy with her and weekend maids in general! Andy, the manager, called me for a follow up to ensure I was happy with my service. I told him that Yanet has great work ethic and I loved the way she left my home. Originally I meant to get this cleaning as a one time service, but she works so well that I booked another appointment right there on the phone. Very impressed with the work and customer service, 5 stars!