4th of July House Cleaning Coupons & Recipes

Celebrate the July 4th holiday with an outing – whether it’s to barbecue at the beach or to hike on the nearest trail with a view, there is plenty to do in our great state. You have worked hard for the past 6 months and you deserve a little break. Leave the house cleaning to us and consider these awesome recipes below for the long weekend. Due to popular demand we are offering the $20 deep cleaning discount (some restrictions apply – please call for details) through July. Hurry before the offer expires!

Cheese Stuffed Burgers – What’s great about this recipe is that beyond the patty itself, the chef provides a great recipe for a pepper spread. Good stuff – a must for the warm days ahead!



BBQ Turkey Drumsticks with Chipotle Glaze – Everyone says turkey is healthier than chicken, so why not give these a try? The secret to great flavor in meats is brining – so don’t be dissuaded by the total cooking time. Brine your meats beforehand and you will always have tender, juicy results!



Grilled Mahi Mahi with Jerk Spice – When is the last time you had Mahi Mahi? This recipe take it to the next level with a tasty jerk seasoning. Highly recommended!



Grilled Pork – What summer would be complete without some grilled pork? This is the kind of thing you want to be enjoying while professionals are cleaning your house! Give it a try on your grill.



Grilled Chicken Skewers with Deconstructed Pesto – Anytime the word ‘deconstructed’ appears in a dish description you know it likely comes from New York or San Francisco. Here is a really cool recipe that puts a new twist on traditional skewers. Worth trying!



Grilled Paella – We admit that making paella is a really major effort but the final product is totally worth it. If you are hosting a get-together then this is a great dish to make. Imagine lounging at the beach or in your backyard with a dish of paella in one hand a cold beer in the other. And the house is clean to boot!



Hope you try these awesome recipes for the summer – and give us a call if you need a professional house cleaning or carpet cleaning – call 877-586-4800 or visit our website at www.weekendmaids.net !

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