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I use Weekend Maids regularly to clean my home. I have been a loyal and happy customer through the years. A positive experience with this company is a standard sentiment among the women in my community. However, it had not occurred to me that I should submit a review of my experience until today. Last night, I returned home on bed rest in much physical pain from the hospital after an extensive surgical procedure. I needed a housekeeper to assist with a standard cleaning to areas of my home I could not maintain on my own. I purchased the same day – 5 hour cleaning package at a rate of $179.00. Later, I explained to the housekeeper all areas of my home where I needed her assistance. Not only had the Weekend Maids housekeeper cleaned my home in the end, but she added an additional hour to the regiment out of the goodness of her heart. Upon later inspection, it seems my housekeeper missed a hidden floor during her cleaning regiment. Perhaps this was a slight oversight given the unusual third level in my home. I called the company to report the issue. My experience with other housecleaning companies had been that housekeepers will typically request more paid time than contracted to clean areas they failed to address. I oftentimes wondered if these missed areas were intentional so that companies could secure more money from their customers. I expected similar treatment upon reporting the missed area in my home. The manager, “Andy,” was professional, courteous, and attentive during our meeting. He provided the care and attention of an additional cleaning crew to address the missed area of my home. The goodness of heart from management was matched by the kindness of spirit I received from my housekeeper. I was so grateful for the unexpected support – I was moved to tears. Generally, I have always felt satisfied with my Weekend Maids cleaning service. However, something changed today. It occurred to me that the company truly values the wellbeing of its customers and goes beyond the general level of services rendered in times of crisis. Having received this extra bit of kindness, my recovery is going a lot smoother. I can rest easier knowing that my family’s needs are addressed and that my cleaning standards are met…thanks to Weekend Maids. Recovering and inspired by the gift of service.

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