I will be more than happy to provide you with a positive review! Alicia and her partner are wonderful! They are always on time, very accommodating, and are more than willing to go above and beyond without my having to ask. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone!

A.G., Satisfied Customer

Excellent service at excellent rates. Once I understood how they work (as a referral agency), I realized the value they provide to the consumer. I am very happy with their service and the quality of their referrals to my homes. Thank you!


First of all, unlike other cleaning services, they arrived on time, so you won’t delay your plan. Also, they did a good job cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom. The sliding doors in the bedroom were dirty and hadn’t been cleaned for months, but after they cleaned, it looks like new. Anyway, I think they are good at what they do. I will keep having their service.


I called weekend maids recently to try to schedule a same-day-service cleaning of my home. I was pleased to hear, with a bit of wrangling and persistence on my part, that they would accommodate my last minute request. I had the special: two cleaners for an hour an fifteen minutes. They arrived and left on time and worked the entire time. The team was able to do everything I wanted during time. After the ladies left, I inspected the work. Good, not perfect, but at least I didn’t have to do it myself. I called again to schedule for two weeks later. The second team that came didn’t get as much done in the same time but I think the quality was a bit better. I guess it depends upon whom you get. I am certainly satisfied. I think the price is right and the service is professional.


If I could give more than 5 stars I would. We needed a rush job, and literally the next day we had 2 fantastic maids at our door. In an hour, they did more than my hubby and I could’ve done in 3 hours. We had such trustworthy maids, we had stuff laying around, dollars, etc., and they literally just put it right on the (now spotless) kitchen counter. I’ve used merry maids, etc. before but these people are such a bargain. I was just going to use them for this rush job, but now I’m faithfully theirs for life! KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS! I would be cautious about these other reviews, by the way. I’m sure the one stars are from very expensive cleaners who charge double what they do and you get the same quality. You ROCK!


Literally, these people cleaned the house so well that I was afraid to touch anything. I felt like I was walking into a model home. They came exactly on time and put all of the finishing touches on every discrete detail you could think of. Amazing!


The team of two showed up on time. They worked very hard for two hours. Our place had not been cleaned for a year and these two didn’t stop for a minute. Real nice job.


I rely on weekend maids to clean my place in carmel valley. they have ALWAYS worked with me in a friendly, professional manner. the cleaners show up on time and are upfront of how long it will take to clean my house in any given month. I would highly recommend you use them!


I also happen to be a remote property owner who relies on Weekend Maids to clean my rental condos on a monthly/quarterly basis. I was recently asked by the owner to write a review, regardless of whether it was positive or negative. After having read the reviews, it is ironic that their customers who chose to be disgruntled wrote a bad review. I happen to think quite positively about Weekend Maids. They have been very helpful and consistent in their cleaning. No problems whatsoever.


Weekend Maids is great – i was with a bunch of family recently and towards the end of the week, the house was a mess. i called around, but it looks like most places don’t clean on saturdays, but these guys do (best thing: they don’t charge extra for it!), and they were able to send a team of two that afternoon. the process was pretty painless – when i called, the lady on the phone was really patient – she asked me a number of questions about what i wanted cleaned and how i wanted things prioritized – whenever i was confused about what exactly they’ll do, she was really good about explaining their services. The whole cleaning was customized (e.g. i didn’t need the patio swept, but i definitely needed the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned), and it was great quality.All said, they spent three hours at my house, cleaned everything i’d asked for, and my bank account didn’t get destroyed. i chose to have regular cleanings with them (every three weeks), so i’d give them a strong recommendation.


After recently moving to SD from LA I was lost trying to find a reputable housecleaning service without paying an arm and a leg or signing a contract. I received mailers that offered discounts for first-time customers but when I called the deal wasn't real. So I just went online and called the first one I saw ... and did I get lucky! From the first contact (Tia) who answered my questions clearly to the scheduler (Monica) I was impressed with their professional courtesy and desire to meet my needs. I was able to get someone out that very day, and now I am on their regular schedule. If you are looking for an excellent cleaning service that is honest and keep their words, as well as providing staff that do more than they promised, call Weekend Maids today!

Susan G.

I have been using weekend maids for about 2 yrs now and i think they do a great job. i have 2 cleaners come for 1.5 hrs and its 79.00 each time. on top of a basic cleaning you can request them to do any other service such as laundry or fold clothes. when they finish cleaning early they take time to dust and sweep my small porches. i have 2 dogs that shed like crazy, but after the cleaners come its like i have no dogs at all. i would recommend this company to anyone who needs a little more time to do something fun and a little less time cleaning your house.

Rhonda T.

I have been using Weekend Maids for 2 years, and they are great at our regular cleaning. We started with them when we first moved in, and all was clean. They are keeping it clean. We have not had to hire them for deep cleaning or move out cleaning. We have pets, and the regular vacuum, floor cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms are done well and keeping the house up like new. They change the beds if I leave out sheets, and put up new towels. I know I would have to pay double for a team of 4 or for a deep clean, and this is a good price for a regular cleaning. The best part is that they have been very responsive when I call for a last minute appointment before a party. I also had a few months when we had to discontinue for financial reasons, and they have always been kind and understanding.

Sapphire D.

I have had multiple properties serviced by Weekend Maids. Their referrals are excellent and I am more than happy with their customer service.

Poway House.

Excellent cleaning service - I called them to clean before the family visited for Christmas this year and they did an awesome job. They gave me quite a few options (i.e. how in-depth I wanted the cleaning), then called beforehand to confirm the scheduled time. Cleaners came on time with all of their materials (I could have provided my own and had a discount, but I figured I'd try them out). Service was great! I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another cleaning after the family leaves too... 🙂

Google+ User

Leticia is a professional and she is trustworthy. I have been using Weekend Maids Referral Agency for over a year. I have had multiple ladies come out but I have liked Leticia the most and I request her each time. If she is not available, I am happy to wait until she is. I give short, detailed instructions. Leticia has been great at understanding what I want and addressing my concerns. I like that whatever she touches, including cleaning materials, she puts back. I never have to arrange things after she leaves. She is always on time and does a great job.

Diwata G.

I am very happy with Weekend Maids. I understand now that they are a referral service. In the past I have always been happy with the cleaners they sent to my properties. If there were any issues the agency would always be there to help me resolve them. They have NEVER failed me so I would highly recommend them.

John G.

I use Weekend Maids on a regular basis to clean my properties in San Diego and Orange County. I have absolutely no complaints about them. Great customer service and willingness to resolve problems quickly should there ever be an issue. I also happen to appreciate their transparency in pricing. No bait-and-switch and "low ball" offers which in the past have stung me when I had tenants moving in or out. Highly recommended.

Johnny Ganga
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